Canadian Thanksgiving

Day 6: Arcata to Burlington Campground, 52 miles

High spirits and comraderie around the campfire tonight. Ben, Daniel, Kevin, Yoshi, Casey, Dave and Uschi are sharing the Hiker/Biker camp with me. Initial shyness melts into friendly banter, sharing, laughter. New riders, veteran cycling tourists, Canadians, Americans, Japanese, German. All sharing the common adoration of cycling, the quest of exploring and seeking,

Tonight is Canadian Thanksgiving, or so they say. S’Mores! Yoshi has his first ever. We talk about mochi, something I know about. I share more of what I know about the next day’s ride, including the incredible rudeness of the coffeeshop owner in Meyers Flat. Ben and Daniel break into laughter, saying all the reviews online reflect the same thing.

Sitar music begins to issue from Dave and Uschi’s tent. Simple at first, then rapid and complex melodies and rhythms. I’m going to try to make the concert in San Rafael next Saturday. I’ve made contact with Kirk in Anchor Bay and Russ in Oakland. It will be good to connect with these friends, who I’ve seen in the past few tours.

Time to rest. A big day of climbing tomorrow, through Garberville then up to Leggett. The sitar music is entrancing. How precious and beautiful this moment.

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