Farewell to the Ancients

Day 7:  Burlington Campground to Leggett, 45 miles

One more ride along the Avenue of the Giants. I’m thinking again about Zach, who passed away last fall during my last tour. Zach also helped plant sequoias on our land, following the logging we did the year before last. Amazing how the newlings at Ahimsa have taken root and grown – the one in the picture below has grown to over four feet tall in just 18 months! An informational sign on the Avenue says Coast Redwoods, Sequoia Sempervirens are ideally suited for “elevations below 2000 feet with heavy winter rains”. Just what we’ve got on the watershed.

I ponder how brief our lives are, as humans, on this land. And how the redwoods will live 500 – 1000 years long. Some here in Northern California are 2000 years old. The forest we planted will thrive long after we are gone, growing to maturity and seeding redwoods all over Mary’s Peak, and then over the Coast Range. We have participated in something grand, or as Zach would say: “Epic!”

Miles past the Avenue, I stop to view the Eel River from one of the bridges on 101 south of Garberville. A cyclist passes me. Mick from New Zealand. He’s riding from Arcata, and going to go over Leggett Hill and down to get as close to Fort Bragg as he can today. Some 150 miles. He says he wants to get to church in Mendocino by 1030 am tomorrow morning. Epic!

I’m tempted to follow him over the hill, as I’ve got 4 more hours of daylight. I want to know what Mick is about, what drives him. But I already know. I did several epic rides on my last tours. Instead I opt to stop at Leggett, set up camp, sew together some holes in my panniers and clothing. Read more of the Sun. Talk with Yoshi and Kevin. Meet two new cyclists, Adam and Matt from DC. Enjoy an awesome burger from the Peg House, as written up in Sunset Magazine.

An early night, a good sleep after a strong ride. Mendocino Coast tomorrow!

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