A Berkeley respite

The bus drops me in Santa Rosa, I grab a coffee while I wait for the Metro Green Line to Larkspur. I enjoy a fast train ride, then catch the ferry across the bay to the San Francisco peninsula. BART completes my journey to my sons’ place in Berkeley. I spend the next day waiting out the bee sting, which has shrunken continuously since Gualala. My reunion with Seth and Shawn is a homecoming, as I set up camp on their couch. Too much video to catch up on – all the Star Wars spin off series, plus an absolute kick in She-Hulk. Truly a feminist spin: the attorney She-Hulk has no problem controlling her “hulking out”, since women have to control their anger all the time in the misogynistic world.

Leg healed, I venture out to open mics and performances of friends I have met over the pandemic years through “You’re Going To Die”, aka YG2D, a non profit dedicated to creating healing space for grief and loss. Not just tears are expressed however, since the moving of sadness elicits more room for joy, peace, and love. I’d moved my tour up specifically to attend the first YG2D Open Mic at the new San Francisco Lost Church, followed by an album release show from the Feelings Parade. I’ll write more about these connections, which have become new lifelong friends.

Ten days pass in to time, and I realize I need to get back on the road. This respite has lasted longer than usual. How do I leave when feel I belong here, but not really here? What am I hoping to find? The wanderlust calls, I feel unsettled again. The answers will come, somewhere down the road. 


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