A day off

Arcata layover

I wake in the KOA ready to pack up and ride again, then decide to stay another night. Immediate relaxation!

This gives new more time to complete a special mission: to deliver a gift from Corvallis to a talented musician. I met Josephine Johnson in Arcata last year on my tour. Earlier this year, Josephine returned from a gig at a girls camp to find her apartment burglarized. Laptop, amplifier, even ukelele stolen. Before I set out this Fall I asked Suz Doyle if the Corvallis uke folks had a uke to gift to Jos. They did.

After carrying the gift ukelele nearly 300 miles, carefully wrapped and bungeed to my frame, I deliver it, over am awesome breakfast at Cafe Brio (highly recommended). Josephine is delighted. We take a brief stroll through the Arcata Marshes. Then she’s off to work at a Buddhist gift shop.

I spend a lazy day reading the latest Sun Magazine. I’ve got to prep for the workshop after all. I ponder the writing projects I have been planning, but making no headway: First an article for the Sun. Then a book on restaurateuring, a sort of primer/memoir/tragicomedy/cautionary tale. If asked what my goal in writing it is, I can think of many. One is to save many Mom n’ Pops from the heartache of failed dreams and bankruptcy. In fact, considering that new restaurants have a 90% failure rate, my main goal is to convince 9 out of 10 readers not to open a restaurant! Another goal is to become a consultant, to help faltering small restaurants to survive and ultimately return to profit.

I have high hopes of starting and completing these projects, as I’ve given myself enough time on this tour. To relax, to reflect, to begin a new phase of my career. Stay tuned!








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