1000 miles in May

c360 2013 05 02 13 21 13 849
c360 2013 05 02 13 21 13 849

Day 2: Bellfountain-Decker Road Loop, 31 miles

Lethargy be damned, I am going to ride! Every day in the month of May. At least 30 miles daily, on average. More, I am sure as the riding progresses, as I become stronger. 1000 miles will pass in no time.

Today I am cranky, legs complaining, ass sore from too little time in the saddle. Why does it have to hurt so much to get back into form? Why have I let myself go again? I know why. Lethargy isn’t really at play here. Instead, something more active. Resistance.

Resisting what? The physical pain and mental challenge. The miles and the time alone. The mirror in which I see myself: alone, vulnerable, stripped down, naked, exposed.

Today I don’t like what I see. And I don’t care. I ride on, legs complaining, heart pounding, breath quickened. Mile upon mile. Ass on fire. Shut up, keep riding. It will get better. It will hurt less. But not today. Today it will hurt more. Ouch!

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