Mom’s Weekend!

c360 2013 05 03 12 16 32 037
c360 2013 05 03 12 16 32 037

Day 3: Decker Ervin Loop, 31 miles

I feel the anticipation, the slight dread. OSU Mom’s Weekend, biggest weekend of the year! 10,000 mom’s in town to visit their kids at OSU. They flood the restaurants, and we struggle to bring as many in and serve them as best we can. They get cranky when service slows, as it does.

We get cranky when they get cranky. Grrrr. A good opportunity to practice letting go of resentment! For we need the sales, especially after the slow season that has just ended. Extra sales mean we will get caught up on invoiced and payments. Just remember to breathe. Breathe.

And on the ride, also remember to breathe. I am tired this morning, up all night with anxiety, too much coffee too late at night. I ride anyway, push through it. Less pain in the saddle. Legs feeling stronger. A good ride!

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