Returning to the coast


Day 11: Coquille to Humbug Mountain, 55 miles

I sleep in later than I want, then join the breakfast in Linda’s house. Linda repeats stories about Ianto’s notorious academic career, including the time at OSU he went barefoot the whole semester.  There’s a great biography waiting to be written…

Reluctantly I bid farewell to all the folks at Cob Cottage and walk down the steep rocky drive.  I cycle back into Coquille and pick up Highway 42S,  following the Coquille River 18 miles out to Bandon. 

Then I feel the fatigue, the result of wheel barrowing all that firewood down the steep path yesterday.  I don’t regret the work; new muscles awakened helping Cob Cottage in it’s sustainable mission.

Somehow the miles seem longer.  I feel the cold autumn air chill me in a way I don’t remember from my prior tours.  I don my coat, which helps a little.  I push on, into the fog now as I near Port Orford.  I am disappointed, as the fog masks one of my favorite views:  Humbug Mountain towering over the South Oregon Coast.

I push on to the campground, legs wobbly as I set up the tent and take my shower, which isn’t hot enough.  I burrow into my sleeping bag, wearing my wool had, socks and mittens.  Starting to warm up again.  I hope the morning is milder tomorrow.


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