The village of mud


Day 10: Layover at the Cob Cottage Company

I wake refreshed, somewhat pensive.  Now to go meet the folks here at Cob Cottage, the village of mud.  I’ve known Ianto and Linda Evans for over 12 years, since they first visited our land to plan the workshop that would lead to the construction of the kiva and eventually the restaurant.

Breakfast is served outside, and I meet apprentices Sarah and Rachel.  New people, awkward greetings, yet as the day moves on we become familiar. 

Linda takes me on a walk high up the ridge to the waterfall.  I haven’t walked this trail before, and am stunned at the scope of the property, nearly 500 acres bought by Chip to save it from logging.  A wooden pipe extends from a 100 year old dam, the original water source for Coquille.

Walking down the hill, I wonder how I can pay for the hospitality, then I see Sarah wheeling firewood that Ianto has cut.  I grab a wheel barrow and start what will be 10 loads, wheeled down 1/4 mile of steep incline.  Hard on the legs and arms, but I welcome the workout.  Bringing the barrow back up is also a challenge.  Harder than most of the cycling!

Then ‘lunner’, a midafternoon dinner of many courses, served an the ‘cob cafe’ outside Linda’s house. Fresh vegetables from the garden are complemented by conversations with new friends.  Linda tells me of friends who want to open a cafe in Coquille, and I delicately suggest the location would be a great challenge.

The talk turns deeper. What the future holds, how to live consciously, where to go next, how to keep passion and mission alive, explorations that continue into the wee hours at the fire.  I am asked, “What do you want to do?”. At a loss briefly, then I answer, “Write. Create a retreat. Build community for healing and music and celebration. Ride my bicycle and never stop.” I enjoy listening, asking questions too. 

A long time since I connected with another soul this way.  But it won’t be long before the next time, I commit.

Finally, I retire to bed, sore in new places – ankles, legs, shoulders. Cycling will work out the kinks tomorrow, I am sure. I dream of new people, building a future.


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