Hornets 2, Ocean 0

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Day 12: Layover at Humbug Mountain

Not again!  Cruising past Langlois, I felt it: bug smacking me in the right temple.  Then the dull ache.  Stung!

Second sting in the face, in my entire cycling career.  Guess I’ve been lucky.  But this time I knew what to expect.

Sure enough, next morning my face was puffed up, ridiculous looking.  Like half Jimmy Cagney. I’ll spare you the gratuitous faceshot.

Turned out to be fortuitous, as I needed a day off to rest and heal my legs, very sore after the Cob Cottage workday layover.

So I lay on the beach, first time this tour, something I’d told myself I was going to do a lot more of.  Updated Facebook postings.  Texted friends.  Closed my eyes and breathed with the waves.

Which is what I will do now, at 4am, restless, eager to ride.  Lay back, listen to the soft surf, breathe.  Good night.

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