Realized today I’d done it again.  Lost.  In the restaurant, the grind of daily serving, the worries of future finances, the drama and the thrill and the slack and the boredom.

Gotcha!  The game I play with FireWorks, my restaurant, my business, my vocation.

And now, what am I missing?  A lot.  A normal life, with time spent doing normal things – meeting with friends, walking the dog, watching the flowers grow, paying attention to the seasons, debating the politics, wondering about life, fearing death.

I could do this differently.  My time on the floor isn’t the whole day.  Or the whole night.  Weather is clearing now, so many bike rides ahead!  I fell into a pattern of spending way too much time at the restaurant, time not even being productive.

I need to get outta there, once the work is done.  And the babysitting of the slow nights too.  We are moving into spring, the busiest season.  I need to be strong, refreshed, ready for the surges in sales.

Seeya, FireWorks!  I’ll be back later…

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