Storm break


A late winter storm, here on the heels of spring. Snow! But not so much to threaten with flooding again. At least I hope so.

I haven’t been cycling enough. Bicycling that is. But my process – involvement in self care and introspection – certainly has been ‘cycling’. In and out, awareness and distraction. Feeding some of my hungers with work and art and culture, others with coffee and chocolate and bourbon. Feeling heavy again, both physically and emotionally.

Moods are dark, cloudy.

And then there is a break in the storm. Stealing a bike ride over the cherished landscapes. Soaking in the spa at Timberhill. Hearing some amazing music at Open Mic, and then last night Jim Page, folk legend from Seattle! Here’s a video, of him getting all political, then singing his take on ‘This Land is Your Land’.  (There’s a bit of cursing in his intro, so grannies and children be forewarned).

Seth has returned from France with a cold, but we’ll be out planting trees again soon, once the snow melts that is.

Picking up the journal again, almost a month since my last entry. That is the way I roll, sometimes I get too engrossed in my own dramas to take heed, get perspective. And then, I sit with the blank page, face my self again. Hello, Ocean. How have you been?

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