Going Coastal


A fine day.

A quick drive over to Yachats, a sunset ride, dinner at Cafe Mundo. Time to reconnect with myself. Notice how much harder it is to cycle having taken time off, how much harder to write in my journal having neglected my inner conversation.

A new start. Reaching out. Making contact. Watching my responses, trying to understand my motivation, to decipher the code of my life, what is coming next? How will I act, what choices will I make. Friends are those who walk with me, listening and sharing, transparent yet firm boundaries between I and thee.

Ah, sun rising over McCullough’s masterpiece, his finest: Yaquina Bay Bridge. Breakfast of panfried oysters, a long conversation with Zach, fast becoming a deeper friendship. Then a blazing ride over Otter Crest Loop. How quiet away from the highway, hearing the surf hundreds of feet down.

A fine day indeed!

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