Diving into drizzle

Day 2: Beachside State Park to Florence


Started slow, after a restless sleep.  Woke at 4am, then 430, then 5, then… you know how it is.  Nervousness? Flat sleeping pad?

Rolled into Yachats and enjoyed a Thai Coconut Escape at the Green Salmon Cafe, a great chai like drink to warm up on what looked might be a dreary day.  And as I started to head out, the drizzle began.  Time to test the rain gear!

Drizzle turned to rain as I headed over Cape Perpetua, Heceta Head, and into Florence.  The gear kept me mostly dry, save my hands which needed better gloves.  Bicycle 101 in Florence had one pair of winter weatherproof gloves in my size, XL. 

But I was too wet and cold to contemplate camping.  So I made a quick motel reservation, then headed to the Waterfront Depot, for a cozy, warm dinner at one of my favorite restaurants.  Then crossing the Siuslaw Bay on another of Conde McCullough’s masterpiece bridges, I rolled off to the motel to a hot shower, laundry and a night in a real bed.

OK, travelogue is done, now – how do I feel?  The day was cold and wet, and my spirits somewhat dampened in line with the extra element – water.  Yet, I was contemplative all day, thinking of what the journey would bring, who I would meet, how I would be able to stay connected after so long away.  If I was really connected at all.  So many of my friendships neglected, confusing, not really being myself anyway.  Not knowing who I was, am or will become. 

So I ride.  Recorded this video, before the rains began.  Sums it up well: (One point of clarification: When I speak of being high the whole last tour, I meant the high from biking. I was straight and sober the whole trip.)

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