Fall 2011 West Coast Tour, Philomath to San Diego

Day 1: Alsea to Beachside State Park

Here I am again, heading south into the month of October, to attend my third Sun Writers Retreat at Esalen.  And to do so much more.  To explore, to discover, to heal, to find myself, again.

Geese trumpet through the night.  Soft breezes rush through the shore pines. And the surf roars, the constant call of the ocean.  A peaceful rest, here at Beachside.  A contrast to my stormy soul.

I have so much need to heal.  The past year has brought major change, continued struggle, challenging my sense of self to the root.  More details will come.  For now, suffice it to say this tour could not have come at a better time, perfect medicine for my weary spirit.

Forecast for next week is rain.  I have the gear all ready, rainsuit, visor, and have resigned myself to ride headfirst into the storm.  I realized of all my tours, I’ve never biked into significant weather before.  It’s going to be an adventure.


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