Thinking of you

Day 3: Florence to Sunset Bay State Park


Rain camp.  Let’s see how the 20 year old Eureka tent fares in the drizzle.  Another wet day of riding.  Figured out how to stay warm, and mostly dry.  So I got into the rhythm of the ride, actually stopped complaining to myself about the weather, and found thoughts moving.

To you.  All of you.  All the people I’ve loved, who’ve loved me.  I began listing you all, thinking of the many aspects and circles and communities I’ve been involved in.  And have left behind to be out here, alone.

Missing you.  Wondering if you miss me.  Wondering if I show up in your radar, if you think of me as one of your friends, companions, close ones.  Or have I faded from your life, dropped out, wandered off.

I thought of how, if I had just one more day to live, what would be most important.  And the only thing that would matter: would be to tell everyone I know how much I loved them.  So here, I’d better do it now. 

I love you, always.  Don’t ever forget that.

And some more mundane, travelog stuff, found great guacamole at the Mexican Express  taquerilla in Reedsport, just before the rain started again. 

Provisions stop at the Coos Head Coop is always a delight, a taste of home, cozy, friendly, always have just what I need. Deydrated lentil curry, organic cashews, awesome local tomatoes, more Clif bars, Killer bread, chocolate!

And I am loving that I get to roll over all the fabulous McCullough bridges.  Check out this video of the North Bend bridge crossing:

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