A Day in Fort Bragg

Slept in today, until 9:45.  I‘ve been getting up as soon as light wakens me, usually around 7 and getting on the road as early as possible.  The shortened days add an extra factor in planning a long day‘s ride, and of course energy is best in the morning.

I rolled down the Haul Road, an old logging road, and cruised around Fort Bragg, visiting Noyo Harbor, my dad‘s old church, the Skunk Train.  No, I don‘t remember this place from my infancy, but I know it.  Fort Bragg is part of my mythology, and I do have a good feeling here.  It‘s a pretty nice town for hippies too, with coffeehouses, a great organic grocery, and the Caspar Inn just down the stretch.

I also found a cafe space with an outlet so I can plug in the Droid and start transcribing the interview of Ianto.  I‘ve got a lot of typing to do!


One thought on “A Day in Fort Bragg

  1. I was just thinking a few weeks ago, "is he ever going to bike again?" Absolutely awesome that you’re doing it. I’d like to do a little touring with you some time, but that "energy is best in the morning" thing, I don’t know…

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