Leggett to Fort Bragg, 46 miles

Now this was a spectacular day! A chilly start, with an arduous climb to over 2000 feet, then a rapid descent to the Mendocino Coast. Enjoy this video from the “Handlebar-Cam”, which shows what a gorgeous ride it was:

I decided to take a layover day tomorrow, to explore Fort Bragg and Mendocino.  I was born here 47 years ago, and though we soon moved across the country, this place still seems like home. Maybe primitive memories have been stirred by the family slideshow image of me toddling on the beach with a sand pail.  I will go to that beach tomorrow and see what other primal senses arise.

(I don’t like what the Facebook autopost has done to my blog entries, so I’ve disabled it.  I recommend going directly to the posterous.com blog and reading from the beginning.  Here’s the link – http://bit.ly/vintagebicycleodyssey )


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