Rain and Bicycles on the Watershed

A long dry hot summer. I’ve been working a lot, the whole month of August save a couple days to ride the Bridge Pedal in Portland. After slow sales due to the heat wave, I had to jump back in, reinvest my time and money, to get the restaurant out of the red ink. And I did it. At last, a day off! September brings cooler days, and the wet stuff. Rain rain rain, beautiful rain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PisBYGGtmgI

And, a couple cyclists, who called from http://www.WarmShowers.org looking for a night’s stay. My first touring guests up on the land! What a delight to host Antonio and Kathleen,a couple from Switzerland on their first bicycle tour from Vancouver BC to San Diego. It was fun to show them the Kiva, even though it is full of thr usual dry season cracks due to the foundation settling. We shared bagels and stories this morning, and I gave them some pointers on the ride ahead. They’ll be staying tonight at Beachside SP, one of my favorite campgrounds on the coast.

I’m working another month at the restaurant, but taking a couple days each week off, to recover my mind and spirits. I will be cycling daily to train for my own tour down the PCH to Esalen, for my 6th Sun Writers Retreat.

Stay tuned. I’ll be writing more too…

One thought on “Rain and Bicycles on the Watershed

  1. Thanks for the update, Ocean. I’m looking forward to you getting back on your bike, because that generally means more blog posts to read! 🙂

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