Season of renewal

Spring Equinox ride, Yachats to Heceta Head, 29 miles

A huge storm blew through last night, gale winds whipping the treetops into a frenzied dance. I’m on my bike again, taking in my favorite coastal ride, the 15 miles between Yachats and the Heceta Head lighthouse. Squalls are still coming through, drizzle, lessening winds. I don my raingear and head out.

Over familiar bluffs, headlands, descents. The stunning vistas again captivate my imagination. I gaze over a thousand miles of ocean, endless water, waves, wind. I climb strong up a hill. Thrill to the speed and adrenaline as I come down the other side.

Everywhere I see signs of the season of renewal. Flowers blooming, bald eagle hanging perfectly still in the offshore wind, rain blows into clear sky blows into sunlight blows into more rain. Yet I am undaunted. This rain brings message of fair weather coming.

I celebrated my 50th birthday on March 6, entitled my party “Blue Skies Ahead”. And so here they come. I feel as if I am just beginning my life. Born again?

Many troubles in the passing season, much grief and letting go. Winter has been hard, left me cold and hungry, aching for relief. Now, “blue skies ahead”. Flowers and green leaves and fresh breezes and warm sunlight. New friends, renewing friendships, deepening family ties.

Healing times are here. My heart is mending, after breaking into so many pieces. New love comes with promise and challenge. A loved one is in the hospital, needing prayers for his quick recovery.

The season of change and rebirth calls me to examine: what do I desire to bring into my life now? what do I need to let go of, to make room? who am I now, who am I becoming?

Ah, the ride is ending, I arrive victorious and a bit sore back to the point I began. The strain in my legs becomes stronger muscle. The stretching of my mind brings new thought. And the release of grief yields a lithe and loving heart.

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