Fire patrol


Day 7: Lincoln City to Newport, 24 miles

Strange timing.  Just as the restaurant suddenly needs hands-on, face-to-face management to work through a staffing crisis, I am passing through Newport. Gotta put out a fire at FireWorks. So I land at Zach’s house, borrow his truck, and zip over the coast range to Corvallis.  

From 10 MPH to 60 MPH.  So weird, disorienting to now travel in an hour what has taken a whole day on my bike.  And then there are the knots in my stomach, having to address potential conflict, having to be decisive, having to make changes.  Will this ever get easier?

Cycling from Lincoln City down to Newport was easy enough.  No tailwind today, but a nice level terrain, and a delightful rise and descent over the Otter Crest Loop.  I’ve ridden these roads so much in the last few months, training, training, training, for the big trip.  

Now, interrupted.  Frustrating.  But quickly resolved, elegantly and solidly.  Yes, it is getting easier.

The road ahead is clear.  I ride again tomorrow.


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