Friends from the road


Day 6: Cape Lookout to Lincoln City, 40 miles

Night visitors kept me up, as a raccoon pawed through my panniers looking for the food I’d hung from a tree.  I yelled at him “Nothing for you here!” and shined the flashlight directly into his masked eyes just two yards from my tent.  He stared back at me defiantly, seemed to shrug, then waddled off.

In the morning I rose late and headed up and over Cape Lookout.  I followed the back road also called the “Three Capes Scenic Route” and made good time, a strong tailwind developing as the day progressed.  After Pacific City I found myself cruising along the Nestucca Bay at nearly 20 MPH, blown effortlessly towards Lincoln City.

Along the way I met a couple from Switzerland, Beatrice and Beat (pronounced bay-ott) and we proceeded to play hopscotch as we stopped at different points passing each other.  Then at Neskowin we talked a bit more.  I felt an immediate comradery, two fellow travelers also and a journey of discovery. Though we planned different stops tonight, I am sure I will see then many times down the road, as often happens on the Pacific Coast Bike Route.

One more thing I love about touring: how easy it is to meet new friends.  There is a natural openness, perhaps from the long isolation of the miles, perhaps the curiosity I inspire, whatever the case, I talk to most everyone I run across.  Quite different than when I am ‘landed’ in my hometown.  Maybe I can carry this openness back with me at the end of the ride.


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