The longest day


The crunch has passed.  The peak of the Corvallis restaurant year, OSU Graduation.  And we broke a 4-year sales record, both for the day of Graduation/Father’s Day, and for the week!  Furthermore, considering our lower ticket prices, this translates into the highest volume of guests served for the entire 10 years of the restaurant.

Stress alleviated, I escape to the coast for my mid-week ‘weekend’.  Exhausted, I haven’t slept more that a couple hours a night since last Thursday.  But propped up on iced Americano from the Blodgett Store and what must be the euphoric endorphins of relief, I ride my bike over the Otter Crest Loop, the ‘Old 101’.

I take a long walk out to the Japanese Tsunami dock, where gawkers and tourists take pictures, posed touching this relic of disaster. A huge floating obelisk of concrete and steel, stripped of the invasive species gathered on its thousands-miles-long journey. 

On the long walk back to my van, I catch some stunning pictures of the Solstice sunset at Agate Beach.  Only a few fellow sunset junkies seem to notice. I need to pay more attention to the awesome fireworks in the sky.

Ahhh, this is a perfect day.  The longest day of 2012.  Why can’t it last forever…

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