Broken into – Ripped off – Unplugged!!


Damn!  Over the weekend my Droid phone was stolen.  The instrument I have used to maintain, post, photograph, update this blog.  And my life.  Emails, bank transfers, Facebook, dating sites, weather, and just random surfing.

I didn’t realize how hooked I was until my connection was so abruptly and violently terminated.

In the dark of night, while I slept soundly on the futon at my office, my van window was smashed and the phone stolen.  I don’t think they even opened the door.  The little blue LED flashing “message received” was an invitaiton… “Steal me!”

The thief downloaded 17 apps, charged to my “Google Wallet” – since reversed – and I called Verizon and the police as soon as I discovered the loss.  I have a “New-every-Two-Year” credit coming up on May 24, so I’ve decided to wait it out for an iPhone, which I’ve lusted over since they first came out.

Rocking the Motorola flip phone for 2 weeks.  How 4 years ago.

And learning how preoccupied that Droid was keeping me. Such a wonderful distraction.  Instant gratification.  And not so gratifying.  Just like any addiction – booze, caffiene, sugar… all promise a “hit” of pleasure, which is then followed by the big letdown.  And the compulsive attempt to get high again.

Just so with the constant network companion, the smart phone.  I’d frequently joked that the smarter the phone, to dumber the user.  User.  Just like a drug user.  Ok, beating that analogy into the ground…

So what will I do?  Carry on, as I was before.  Really before – 4 years ago maybe, before the internet took over, before Facebook and the virtual social networks grew to dominate my actual social world.

As demonstrated in this sad fact:  when I thought of who I needed to tell my new, temporary phone number to, only a handful of names came up.  Just close family.  I realized that despite hundreds of “friends” online, I am rarely receiving calls from “outside”.  More connected digitally, but more isolated from that “old school” connection, the human voice – on a phone call – or better yet, in person.

Gonna meditate seriously on that.  And see more of the world around me.  And talk to people, in my REAL social networks – here in the “unplugged world”. 

So if you want to connect, don’t try to text message me or look for me on Facebook.  Call me at the restaurant, or email for the new number. 

Or better yet – let’s get together, in the real world.  The colors are brighter.  The wind blowing on our faces.  Sunlight warming.  Bird song. Real trumps virtual every time.

Please let us know what you think...

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