Destruction vs. Restoration


Chainsaws and heavy machinery high on the ridge above us.  ‘Beep beep beep’ as the dozers drag fallen giants. 

Logging the Watershed?  To benefit the client – City of Corvallis?  How can such wanton destruction be hoodwinked over the ‘most sustainable city’?  Could it be the agency feels weight bearing down from the foremost deforestation organization in the Northwest – the OSU Department of Forestry, which continues to teach clearcutting as the most viable harvest?

My participation in logging as a landholder has not diminished my gut reaction to the sound of the chainsaws in my otherwise quiet forest.  Ours was a ‘selective’ harvest, still leaving a grotesque swath of stumps and brush and muck and erosion.

Shawn and I planted over 100 redwoods today, exhausting work.  But so good to see the baby sequoias given a new start under the remaining giant firs, amongst moss and trillium and sword fern fiddleheads and flowering dogwood.  Soft rain falling, sun breaking through to warm my face.

I am tired.  But inspired. And ready to plant more this weekend.

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