birthday+1: sunset ride, water returns to sea


Glorious ride today, north from Beverly Beach to Rocky Point, then back over Otter Crest Loop – the old Highway 101 – where no traffic threatens to disturb the solitude and bliss of a coastal road with stunning vistas of sea and surf and sunset.

From the Rocky Creek bridge (a McCullough masterpiece) I see a beautiful waterfall, only visible to pedestrian and cyclist.  Rain becomes creek becomes stream becomes waterfall, then returns to the vast ocean. Such is our destiny – we fragile creatures of mud and water and light – and to thus we shall return, back to earth, back to sea, back to essence.

And then some ‘geek love’ at the new 101 bridge over Spencer Creek at Beverly Beach.  Sunset casts intoxicating hues on the horizon, concrete-steel-arched span causes gasping awe. 

Hot shower eases strained muscles.  Dinner at Cafe Mundo feeds body and soul.

How many more sunset rides will I enjoy?  How many more friends and family and strangers will I embrace on this meandering twisted path? 

A lone shore pine silhouettes against darkening crystal blue sky. How many more breathes and longings and wonderings will come through this body and mind and heart?

Please let us know what you think...

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