New Year’s Revolution


The dawn of 2012. Once more I have traveled around the sun.  Once more I have a chance to start anew, to make the changes I want in my life.

Resolution vs. Revolution. The former is derived from root word ‘resolve’, which is a good thing: to strive, to commit, to dedicate.  The latter comes from ‘revolve’, which seems to reflect more closely the nature of change.

Cyclical.  My personal evolution seems to circle at times, to spiral, returning to places I’ve been before, remembering events, feelings, ideas, dreams.  How do I begin, again?  Will I get it right this time? Why do I feel like I’m always starting over?

A beautiful New Year’s Day on the Central Oregon Coast:  56 degrees, sunny, terrific winds to buffet my ride south only to propel me north again on return.  Where? Yachats to Heceta Head, again.  My favorite ride. 

After working 27 of the last 31 days on the floor at FireWorks, I was grateful to take today off for respite and reflection.  Cycling again provided the needed discipline, meditation, exertion to get me out of my head, into my body, into the world around me.  To notice what is real.

Huge winds blowing down the Yachats River valley, kicking up spindrift as I’ve never seen it.  Clouds casting shadows on waves, sun breaking through with warmth and orange glow.  Blooming roadside garden of heather, with bees busy at pollination. Stunning ring around the sunset. Later, fabulous dinner at Drift Inn: Firecracker Salad with Seared Yellowfin and Glenfiddich 12 Year.

Climbed most of Heceta Head deep in thought, insights dawning on how to improve the efficiency of the restaurant even further.  How to staff, how to train, how to motivate, how to inspire.  And to think, without the ride, I wouldn’t have figured this stuff out.  Gotta keep riding.

So, my New Year’s Revolution?  Cycling.  Taking care of my body. Opening my heart, to friends, to family, to lovers, to life.  Becoming the change I seek.  Once more around the sun.

What will your Revolution bring?

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