Laid up in San Diego

Day 43: San Diego layover at the Banana Bungalow


Hmm, I think I should have entitled yesterday’s post as “germs from around the world”. There are so many sick and coughing people here! To be fair though, they didn’t give me the bug I have. I brought mine in with me. I think I caught it riding all those wonderful trains. I remember coughing people on the Metrolink. This is one of the challenges of living in a society of not-too-healthy people, catching the odd seasonal cold or flu.  It’s inevitable, right?  Or maybe not.

I like to think of myself as healthy, resilient, strongly immune. But I was pushing myself the last few days: long rides, near-freezing temps, just worn out. Gave the virus a chance to dig in and take hold. Today, slept most of the time, in my bunk at the hostel. Turned on some music, helped pass the time laid up, and also helped me connect back with home. Music by Gabriel, Cloud Cult, the Winterlings.  Reminded me of what I love about my life in Corvallis: a rich community of people and art and culture and music.  And at FireWorks, something I am genuinely proud of helping create and foster, the Open Mic Talent Search.  Here’s a secret not yet released: Scott Nicklas will be hosting the next Acoustic Showdown playoff is November 21, so I will be serving as a judge this time!  Now that will be fun.  Karl Smiley will be opening at 8pm and also judging.

Check out Gabriel’s music at  I especially like “Waves Marching” on the FireWorks Bootleg album.  I asked him once if it was about surfing, and as Gabriel is known to do, he said “It’s about whatever you hear in it.”  For me, I hear waves of many kinds, waves of emotion, of hope, of insight, and of course the waves of the Pacific here at San Diego. 

Stunning sunset.  A lone surfer coming in at the last minute, wanting to ride that last wave before dusk falls.

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