Younger brothers and sisters from around the world

Day 42: San Elijo to Banana Bungalow, San Diego


Often been asked why I make friends with younger folks, you know, the 20-somethings. Here at the San Diego “party hostel” I am surrounded by young men and women, from around the world. So many languages being spoken, none I know except English. The international experience of hosteling is best experienced in large cities, especially destinations like San Diego or San Francisco. I suppose Portland is getting up there as a place to go. There is a wanderlust amongst these people, a desire to see the world, to experience life through traveling that I can relate to. And also an optimism, something I’ve been missing in my own life, with financial and relationship woes. Life is worth living, celebrating, and for lack of a better word, partying.

As for me, I’m a voyeur here. Mainly since I woke up with a sniffle, which seems to have progressed into a head cold. Shit. Oh well, trip is over, just a visit to LA to see Ray and the LA Pizza Festival where Sparky the Dragon Oven will be performing. Anyway, I’m in no condition to party. Just gonna really slow it down, sleep early (with those earplugs in!) and stay in late. If I feel well tomorrow, a ride around the waterfront of San Diego, several miles worth.

The ride down was relaxing, easily retracing my steps over the La Jolla hills and into Mission Beach. Funny, felt familiar coming back, after being gone a week. Like coming home. A new home? The transient life shows me that my attachment to places is fickle and deep. I can fall in love with a beach, a hillside, a palm tree – or redwood – and then be gone down the road. Until I return again, and see again these objects of familiarity, of desire. A warmth in my heart. I belong.

And here in my lower bunk at the hostel, I belong. My bunkmates are friendly, asking me about my trip, as well as they can in their attempts at English. I have my phone, my blog, my friends and family at home, who I have carried in my thoughts and in my heart. It will be good to get home. Just a few days now.

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