All of the good things

Day 17: Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz


Left the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival under fog, eventually gave way to clear skies, sailing on over the bluffs, past the Pescadero lighthouse and on to the Santa Cruz coastline.  A joy to ride with the wind at my back, sun on my shoulder (hmmm…John Denver anyone?), hope in my wings. My mind opening again, new thinking, dreaming, visioning.

Thought on the way of all I wanted to do upon returning: renewed cob building workshops, finishing and fixing the buildings at Ahimsa Sanctuary, dream work sessions, emotional healing work and retreats, promoting music at FireWorks.  Music which kept my spirits alive through difficult years at the restaurant, especially certain performers…

I’ve been listening to a track by the Winterlings, who performed at the Southtown Street Party in June.  My favorite music: emotional, challenging, uplifting and inspiring.  One of their songs made #6 on the National folk charts.

Here’s the podcast of their June performance.  Be sure to listen to the end for the song from which the title of this post was taken “All of the good things”…  And a question for you:  What would you list as “the good things” in your life?  When did you last stop to appreciate the people and blessings in your life?

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