Soaring over the Sonoma Coast

Day 14: Anchor Bay to Bodega Dunes Campground


One of the most breathtaking rides on the Pacific Coast Bike Route, today took me over a series of headlands rising 600 feet over sheet cliffs dropping down to the Sonoma coastline.

I started out much too late, lingering to have breakfast with Kirk and Heidi and commiserate about the challenges of raising teens.  I kept thinking of smart things to say, to give them the right piece of advice that would make it easy.  But I knew too well that my advice wouldn’t really apply, and would actually come across as arrogant.  So I just listened.

I have learned the value of focused listening, how it solves problems, assists emotions, and helps center and ground me. My preference for a healing practice is a mutual exchange of focused listening, and I’ve found it helps to move me through deep emotional states.

But riding alone again today, I let the bicycle be my healer.  Climbing high on rugged coastal highway, I was tested again physically.  The descent was amazing (see below for a great video).  Then I hit the wall on the other side, 10 miles from my landing spot.  Huge waves of self doubt, seemed to rise out of nowhere.

I rode on, arriving late at the campground.  A hot shower brought relief, as well as getting the tent up and bed set for the night. I hope to get more sleep tonight, if the full moon doesn’t keep me up a third night in a row.

Well here’s the video you’ve been waiting for:  A thrilling descent over the Sonoma cliffs, complete with cattle!  (Sorry for the shakiness and rattling – the phone is mounted on the handlebars.)  Enjoy…

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