Rough road, gentle ride

Day 13: Van Damme Beach to Gualala


A veil has lifted. My spirits are high today. The beautiful sunset and a long night kept awake by the full moon have worked their magic.

And making contact with my friend Kirk in Anchor Bay. He returned my call while I was at the Navarro River, considering riding inward and back to Harbin. Instead, I pressed on south, covering miles of coves and headlands, picking up a strong tailwind to meet him in Point Arena.

Kirk and I met at our first natural building workshop the spring of 2000. He has since become an accomplished builder and seasoned instructor with Cob Cottage Company, leading several workshops annually, most recently a three week start-to-finish building workshop.

Bolstered by a clear destination, the ride became easy and fast. Stunning coastal vistas flashed as I cruised by. I forced myself to stop frequently to catch photos. Kirk found me at the Point Arena co-op and we made plans to meet up 15 miles down the road after his parent-teacher conference. In Gualala we picked up some wine, threw my bike in the back of his pickup and took a harrowing ride up the ridge to his land.

The cob cottage I stayed in last year now has a floor, door and bed. The bath house is finished too, and I have fired up the rocket stove for my bath. I write as the water gets ever warmer.

A warm evening, as the sun sets again in the clear skies to the west. A warm bath awaits, to be followed by warm conversation once Kirk returns from his daughter’s play practice. I bear a warm heart, taking in the peace of this cob homestead.

One thought on “Rough road, gentle ride

  1. Wow, what beautiful and unique cob structures. What lovely sunny weather! Life is good.<br>When you come home, how 'bout finishing our cob stuff?

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