Day 5: Zimbabwe to Corvallis


Riding is going very well. Even just five days into the new commitment, I can feel my legs grow stronger, climbing hills faster, sprinting straight stretches and careening around corners. So fun to work out on a bike, because the reward is SPEED!  Passed the 4000 mile mark on the odometer, more pretty zeroes, and thousands of miles still to ride…

The Zimbabwe Music Festival has been rocking the OSU campus all weekend. Grabbed a couple videos, but to get the impact of this music, you’ve got to see it in person, see it, feel it, dance it. Marimba bands with their infectious rhythms and melodies. Trance inducing mbira music – thumb pianos played in a gourd resonator, with beautiful Shona songs lilting over the crowd. I am always brought to tears, so quickly as the music moves my soul.

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