The music in every heartbeat…


Music is a universal language, crossing all cultural lines, connecting people with each other and with the deep inner self, the unconscious realms. Regardless of the particular form, rhythm, melody or tone, music touches each of us in our hearts and souls.  So much of the natural world signs with sound, tone and rhythm.  The crash of surf, the whipering wind, singing birds, barking sea lions.  And for me on the bicycle: the clicking gears, rolling rhythm of the pedals and wheels on pavement.  The gasping breath, pounding beat of my heart.


When we moved to Corvallis in 1996 we hung a shingle as the Willamette Center for Holistic Living, teaching vegetarian cooking, communication skills, diversity sensitivity, emotional healing.  As we moved up to the land on the Mary’s Peak watershed, our work developed into Ahimsa Sanctuary, a non-profit center for peacemaking and sustainable living.  Intaba’s Kitchen launched in 2002, and for the next 8 years occupied more than 100% of my time and energy.  Now, through transformation in name and the insights derived from trying virtually everything, FireWorks Restaurant is a thriving restaurant serving local and sustainable, wood fired cuisine.  FireWorks is also a hub of music, art and culture, with a thriving community of musicians, numerous fundraisers and community events, such as our popular Southtown Street Party concert series.  The success of FireWorks has also liberated me from the day to day management, and allowed me to come home.  Home to my beautiful place on Mary’s Peak, home to my family, home to my healing work, home to myself.


Tomorrow night I will offer the first of several workshops devoted to inner exploration and integration:  Songs for the Soul. 


This vlog introduces the process…


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