Escape to the Coast, Part 2


Another amazing day, 65° in January!  On mild winter days, the coast has spring-like weather.  Great for riding, so I headed north on 101.  Pretty rough road until I got to the Otter Crest scenic loop.  This is the old coast highway, narrow, winding, but with almost no traffic, making it perfect for the wandering wayward cyclist.  Overlook from Cape Lookout was windy, a warm strong southely blast, certain omen of rain headed our way.  Crossed a beautiful bridge built by Conde McCullough in 1919, now preserved with cathodic plating where a current prevents the salt ions from reaching the steel reinforcements which would ultimately cause these concrete masterpieces to crumble.

Nothernmost reach was Boiler Bay, where I stopped to record another vlog, more musings on the state of reality, consciousness, dreams and life:

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