Santa Cruz to Monterey, 49 miles

An easy ride around the Monterey Bay today, weaving around huge fields of collards, artichokes, and endless strawberries.  Then an extended bike path, part of a Rails-to-Trails stretching for miles on the approach to Monterey.  Beautiful succulent ice plants, turning brilliant crimson with the cool weather, in some places blooming with bright yellow flowers.

Johnny told me the Monterey Bay area is the third most productive agricultural region next to southern California and Florida.  Pretty shocking to see a field completely covered with plastic and marked off with the skull & crossbones due to the horribly toxic pesticides being used.  But that is the face of conventional farming, and drives home why organic methods are so vital – and non toxic.


Yesterday I spent hours at the Asana Tea House, which is owned by Naomi‘s sister.  It was a perfect place to transcribe the interview, and I made great progress.  I think I‘m over half way through the raw typing.  I looked ahead at the retreat, and there is a session on the Art of the Interview.  I‘m glad I will be able to get some good pointers to aid my writing.

Oh yeah, I picked up a bit of a head/chest cold two days ago.  I am eating very cautiously, after what I think was a reaction to dairy coupled with exposure to lots of coughing people in SF last weekend. Even so, I was still able to put over 50 miles in today.  I‘m going to burn it off tomorrow, climbing over the hills of Big Sur, miles of spectacular coastline coming up!

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