Two Days at the Spa – Can I handle this?


I‘ll be the first to admit I had been riding like I was driven, for lack of a better word.  I dont kinow what it is – I just sometimes get on a mission and nothing will deter me from the quest. My friend Lee once called me “relentless”.

So I was eager to put myself into an environment where the only goal is to relax, rejuvinate, restore.  Harbin Hot Springs turned out to be cheap luxery.  For $20 I could camp and enjoy the pools, sauna, sun deck, library…and relax!

I found it difficult at first to slow down, to let go of the agenda, to not have to be moving quickly to the next destination.  In fact I felt like leaving right after I got there.  So I decided to stay two nights.

I finally got it the second night.  The 200 degree sauna helped, and did the 116 degree hot pool, followed by the 60 degree cold plunge.  I love hydrotherapy and this was some of the best.  And enjoying a moderate ammount of October sun was wonderful too.

I even got out of my shell of isolation, once I started to see the other people there were also relaxed, enjoying each others company, offering warm embraces, friendly conversation.  What a wonderful way to be!

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