This blog represents the inner world of the writer, Ocean, as I experience the outer world.

Most are reflections from my experiences while bicycle touring, as this is my favorite activity, meditation, quest to bring me awareness and consciousness.

I offer no truths, however, save an honest expression of my personal encounters, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, dilemmas, conclusions, insights.  And, as you will see, questions, so many questions.

Thanks for joining me along the road…

Heceta Head Lighthouse Overlook, March 20, 2013

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Ocean,
    I am a friend of Kathleen Fowler. I live in Solana Beach. She suggested I meet you. Sounds like you already passed through here, but if you are still in the area, I could offer a friendly chat and some coffee. If not now, maybe on your return trip. Wherever you are, happy cycling.

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