Retrospectives Tour 2022, Pacific Coast Highway

And I’m off again!

Down the Pacific Coast Highway, Oregon to California, in search of adventure, friendship, discovery, enlightenment, freedom, peace. And anything else I encounter along the journey.

My preparation for this tour was limited, even though I had more than enough time on my hands. The many changes of the past year had me in a state of freefall, wandering, drifting, and eventual coming to rest. Selling the house and land on Homestead Road last summer was followed by closing the restaurant in February. I know many of my friends and acquaintances have wondered what I would be doing now. I wondered to. I’m still seeking, which is part of my motivation for this tour.

I set out from my new property in San Marine, just north of Yachats, on the central Oregon coast. I’ll write more about this retreat later. First stop, the Green Salmon, for the best coffee and vegan delights on the coast! Then over the miles of headlands and vistas on the way to Florence. Foggy at the start, burning off to a clear sunny day, mild tailwinds urging me on. I meet a few cyclists on the way, and 80 year old touring from Alaska to Panama on an e-bike, and a French couple at Honeyman State Park who assure me the traffic and drivers are much worse in France.

I arrive at the campground after the three and a half hour ride, unrolling my tent and sleeping bag for the first of so many nights on the road. I feel awkward, as if in a time warp – wasn’t I just setting up this camp just a while ago? The transition into touring mode, and mind, will come. Sleeping on the earth again, soft breezes in the trees, stars overhead. I begin to melt into that state of deep relaxation. More to come.

Stay tuned.

One thought on “Retrospectives Tour 2022, Pacific Coast Highway

  1. Hi Ocean,
    It is a joy to follow your journey through your writing and pictures. Looking forward to more. Not sure if you are coming to Mexico but you are welcome to stay if you do.

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