Soaking in the sun

Day 39, Refugio Beach to Carpinteria State Beach, 37

I laze into the morning, resting from the ride. Waves have serenaded me all night. The tent is warming when I rise at 10am, a luxury for the short ride ahead. I’m planning an extra night at the next camp, so no need to rush on over there.

Freeway for the first few miles, then at Goleta I follow a side road. Long straight, gentle hills, tailwind. A beautiful cycling day! Santa Barbara has grown so expensive, and almost seems like a theme park, with every building in mock Spanish architecture. Even 7-Eleven. I roll through downtown, pausing for coffee, then ride along the beachfront under tall palm trees. I pass the Chromatic Gate sculpture taking more pictures.

Then I climb to Summerland and follow the Coast Bike Route which parallels the busy freeway. The ride is relaxing, and I soon arrive in Carpinteria. I stop at the Spot for a guacamole burger, then check into the campground. I find a group of cyclists there, first busy hike biker site in several days. I chat with them, compare notes on our rides, stories from the road.

I’m glad I’ll be taking an extra day here, at this lovely beach. I find many people greeting the sunset.

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