Returning to my home beach

Day 11, South Beach to Yachats, 35 miles

I start out at dawn, sure I need to get to Beachside State Park early to get a good campsite. Jennifer is joining me and I want a site close to the beach path. Three short hills right out of South Beach get my pulse going and my sweat flowing. On the descents, I’m already shivering, a chill of the night lasts well into the morning ride.

I ride past Ona Beach, Seal Rock and on to Waldport, where I check in at the Green Bike Coop. I want to get a few things adjusted. I meet Kurt who tells me he’ll be there until 2pm. I ride the three miles south to Beachside, choose a campsite and set up my tent. I ditch most of my gear, then ride back north to the bike coop. Ah, how nice to ride the bicycle unloaded, after all these heavy, long miles.

Kurt quickly adjusts my front break pad, then we work on the top bracket, which has a loose wobble. I also adjust the braze on bolt for my back fender, and put on the replacement arms I got for my Tubus front rack. It’s fun working at the coop, and Kurt says only a donation is asked to help defray rent. Boxes of hardware – nuts, bolts, chain spoke guards. Another mechanic is working on an art piece made out of brake levers and gears. I ride off thinking I’ll definitely come back here, since it’s so close to my favorite spots.

Yachats! I ride the eight miles south, enjoy a delicious lunch at the Green Salmon, their avocado lettuce tomato wrap with tempeh bacon. Mmmmmm! And coffee is so good. I stay there a long time, catching up on accounting, trying to get motivated to write this blog. I take a spin around the beach road, and feel the old butterfly feeling, waiting for Jennifer to meet me.

I head back north to the campground, five miles this time. How nice again to ride without the weight of all my gear. Yet, I don’t resent it on my tour. I’m taking along all I need for a several week long trip. I reach Beachside with a while to wait still before she arrives. I wander the beach, mind flooded with memories. This is the beach my family always came to, camped at, throughout my childhood.

Every time I return here, I have so many feelings and memories. Sometimes grief, sometimes a joy to feel, and always a blessing to share these memories.  Thank you dear reader for joining me on this journey.


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