Cruising the Santa Barbara coast

Day 31, Refugio to Carpinteria State Beach, 36 miles

Ah, this is a fun day. Cycling along the Santa Barbara coastline. Mercifully flat, with a usual tailwind. I’m glad to be rolling, even though leaving Refugio is bittersweet. Maybe stay there a couple nights next time. The 101 has light traffic as I set out, views of crystal blue ocean and skies. I can even ignore the oil rigs offshore if I set my mind to it.

I exit the 101 and follow Hollister Avenue for miles, through Goleta, past the airport, eventually reaching Santa Barbara. I stop at Kinko’s to print my business statement, it’s far time to balance the checking account! Then on along State Street, through downtown and lunch at Lilly’s. Three delicious street tacos, just $1.90 each. Like tacos should cost. I remember how excited we were to find this spot. And my disappointment last tour, to show on Tuesday. the one day they are closed. I stop around to corner at Santa Barbara Roasting to get the blog updated again, finally. Writer’s block be damned.

Then on along the Santa Barbara marina, past the arboretum, follow the Cross Coast bike route, down through Summerland, past Santa Claus Lane, on to Carpinteria. Again, just before sunset. I roll into camp, meet other cyclists, a few I haven’t seen yet, but hey, there’s Aaron, who I met way back at Cape Lookout, second night of my tour! He’s thinking of riding to Cabo, but reluctant to enter Mexico. Three Brits are enjoying a very slow cooked potato and burnt corn dinner. I had a burger at the Spot, wished I had instead joined them at the table.

But I’m still a little shy, a bit antisocial, so I retire to my tent. I listen to their laughter, wishing I could rejoin them, overcome this awkward feeling. Yet, acceptance of where I am, I’m not judging this mood. i know it will pass. Let the sleep overcome me, the surf sooth me, to full moon work her magic again.

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