Back on the 101

Day 5, Artic to Bruceport County Park, 29 miles

A short day. After the two long hauls, I decided to let myself rest a bit. Just a bit. A long breakfast at a local diner. New York steak and eggs! Hours on the laptop too, blogging, social media (or should it be called anti-social media?), looking a routes, following other blogs. Chatting with the owner, her daughters and grandkids. A real family restaurant. Nice to feel a camaraderie, knowing what she means when she talks about the fickle sales, how the rain scares off her customers.

It’s afternoon before I head out. Back on the 101, my favorite highway. Even though my home stretch is hundreds of miles south, Highway 101 has a feel to it. Maybe, a soul. Something I’ve imbued it with. A favorite pathway, connecting me with my most cherished landscapes. I’m eager to ride, heading south over several hills. The riding seems effortless. I’m not a sore as I expected.

I arrive a Raymond in no time, it seems, greeted by the strange iron folk art sculptures. The silhouettes of animals are typical, but the human figures seem very strange. I wonder what the story is. I follow the highway as the Willapa River opens into the massive Willapa Bay.

I was heading to the Bay Center KOA, until I discovered a park nearer, and less than half the price. I roll in and grab a campsite. Bruceport County Park has a lovely patch of old growth spruce, and commanding views of the bay. Another cyclist is nearby, but retreats into his tent before I can say hello. Must be shy. We’ll see what I can do about that tomorrow.

I write for awhile, until the dew descends. Then I’m in my tent. Cozy against the cool night air. I’m excited for tomorrow, crossing the 5 mile bridge into Oregon. I love Washington, but it will be good to be back in my home state again.

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