Riding the wind on the North Coast

Day 25: Fort Stevens to Cape Lookout State Park, 74 miles

Full on, 20mph tailwinds, at last! The elusive boost we cyclists long for, why we ride the Pacific Coast from North to South, and why riders heading the other direction are all grimacing.

I share the highway today with a scout troop from San Jose, who pass me twice at different points along the road. The group of 20 riders have a sag carrying their gear, and seem amazed at the weight I’m hauling along. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Touring with my own gear, everything I need to sustain myself: tent, sleeping bag and pad, stove, cooking gear, clothing, tools, and this laptop, so I can manage the business from afar, and blog this tale. About 40 pounds, I think. I’ll weigh it when I get back, in a couple days.

Spectacular vistas, from Cannon Beach to Neahkanie Mountain. Deep turquoise waters, fog banking off shore. Traffic still heavy, but that should break tomorrow after the weekend is over.

It’s good to be back on the 101, traveling a highway I spent so many years visiting, exploring, enjoying. Many memories of vacations, cycle tours, weekend trips. Some heartache, and a deep appreciation of the coast, what it does to me. Brings me closer to home.

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