A day of rest

Day 9: Layover at MacKerricher

All six of us decide to take a day off. I join Tim and Lawrence for coffee in the morning, at the Mendocino Cookie Company where we charge all our various electronics. Lawrence heads off to surf, and Tim visits the historical society. I’m left to noodle around town, visiting Noyo Harbor, the natural food store, enjoying the clear blue skies and a leisurely ride along the haul road back to camp.

I bring fresh corn on the cob to cook in the fire, wrapped in foil, and also so salmon to grill. It seems an appropriate celebration, give the place we all are. Over the open fire, others are cooking. Joking, interpreting and translating, four nationalities, three languages – or four, if you count “American” as different from “British”.

My affinity for this crew has grown, through the time together at camp, and also from the mutual accomplishment of the hills, the miles, the common quest. Just a few more days to San Francisco. I’m hoping our friendships may continue.

The corn is delicious. And the salmon amazing. I get kudos for cooking. They now know of my restaurant, and all are wishing they could have come to it. Next time…

One thought on “A day of rest

  1. So glad to read that you’re making lifelong friends over the course of just a few days. 🙂

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