Overcoming rider’s block

Hiatus. I think that’s what this is called. I haven’t been riding. And hence, this blog becomes silent. Taking a break. A breather. Slowing down to the pace of my inner world. Resting, contemplating, working on repairs in the Kiva, trying to solve the puzzle of the restaurant, envisioning my future.

My future. A friend asked where I wanted to be in 5 years. There’s that question, again. I recalled the work I once had such passion for: men’s liberation. Let me be clear, I’m speaking of the pro-feminist sort of men’s liberation. Not freeing men from the horrible oppression from women. No, rather, from the internalized oppression of traditional male conditioning, homophobia, military inscription, sexist indoctrination. Men oppress ourselves, each other. And the results are deadly, to our health, to women, to the planet. Lethal misogyny in the news, the Santa Barbara shooter was informed by the so-called “Men’s Right Movement”. Couldn’t be further from the truth.

So after hemming and hawing, I came round to this conclusion: In 5 years, I want to be doing the work of healing, with the focus on men’s liberation. I presented again at the conference on Healthy Masculinity at OSU earlier this month. The turnout was small, with very little planning. But I have become inspired again, and look forward to helping organize for next year.

I got on my bike again Saturday, for a ride into town to hear “Funk in the Forest”, a chill gathering of mostly OSU bands, planing jazzy funk. Sore from the ride, in a good way. Ready to move again, into the world, into the future. Overcoming rider’s block.

One thought on “Overcoming rider’s block

  1. Ocean thanks for your entry. That question can haunt me in the stillness of the morning hours. The only thing that calms my heartbeat during those times is my mantra. Repeating it over and over until I fall back into the present moment of sleep. Glad to read that you had a ride into town. Have many more peaceful rides? Jenny


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