The Sun’s 40th

“Over the course of a year, we publish nearly a half million words, and I want to make sure they’re the right words, not the almost-right words. I want to make sure they’re words that bring us together, because I want The Sun to remind us that separateness is an illusion – a very compelling illusion, but an illusion nonetheless. Are we really separate from this earth? Are we really separate from one another? This separate self we cling to – how real is it?” – Sy Safransky, editor & founder of The Sun (To read the full interview follow the link below.)

This photo is from my fifth writers retreat at Esalen, having lunch with Sy and Tim, former managing editor. I have a goofy expression, namely because I’m a bit nervous and giddy to be sitting between my version of “literary giants”. I’m also deeply moved by the work of these two men, and all the staff and writers and readers of The Sun.

The interview linked here is in the current issue, celebrating the 40th Anniversary of The Sun, a magazine dedicated to the words of Viktor Frankl, “What is to give light, must endure burning.” Sometimes criticized for being too dark or depressing, the magazine celebrates all aspects of the human condition, in Sy’s words, “to bring what’s beautiful and inspiring to the readers, but not to the exclusion of what’s not so beautiful and not so inspiring. It’s important to remind our readers of the suffering all around us.

Over the years I’ve reflected on his column, “Sy’s Notebook” and thought he was too hard on himself, or too self-effacing. However, I came to understand Sy’s self-critique is motivated by a deep humility and compassion for all beings. I hope I can walk my path as honestly as Sy.

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