It could have been harder…

Day 32: Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay, 54 miles

… The headwind that is. And it could have been colder. And it could have been raining. Or snowing.

It’s hard not to feel defeated after a days riding such as this. Over 5 hours pedaling into a 20mph headwinds. Exhausting. Unrelenting. Confounding.

Cyclists coming south grimace when they see me, heading north. The wrong way. I brush it off, but am really doing my best to keep my spirits up. And my best isn’t enough.

But like I said. The wind could have been stronger. And it could have been colder than the average 57 degrees. And it could have been raining. Like where I’m heading back to, in Oregon. Tis a good thing I’m getting off the bike soon. I am worn out.

But I’m heading back to more uncertainty. November sales are lower than they’ve been in years. Another recession? I have no idea, I tell Seth. Just as we think we’ve finally gotten the formula right – exceptional product, great service. Oh dear customers, where have you gone? I shrug on the phone, and know I’ll have to take austerity measures upon returning. Working long hours with no wage. At least I’ve got work. I’m not really down and out, like the sad homeless folk I see all over California.

Beautiful full moon, rising over Half Moon Bay when I finally arrive. Wind has died down too, with the setting sun. I’m going to try something crazy tomorrow morning, get up 2 hours before sunrise, ride into San Francisco in the dark predawn. Before the winds pick up, with the sun.

But tonight, my agonizing ride of the day is over. I admit defeat. It could have been been harder.

Ha. It could have been snowing!

2 thoughts on “It could have been harder…

  1. Wow. Sounds like quite a ride, coming north. The pics are gorgeous- so much sun.
    Wishing you ease on the way home. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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