Beach time

Day 26: San Elijo to Capistrano Beach, 41 miles

Up with the dawn. Surfers too! How many out in the waves at 5am. I tell Wells how my surfers friends are addicted to it. A good addiction. We chat at breakfast, then I bid him farewell on his southern ride.

Second day heading north. I’m retracing steps, seeing the ride of just a week ago from a whole different perspective. It is a mercifully windless day, I’m making good time. So good I arrive at my destination my 130pm, early afternoon. What do I do now?

Beach time! I haven’t laid out in the sun on this trip yet. Believe it or not. Even with my days off, I’ve still been driven, just like the other tours. Well, now it’s going to be different. My pace heading will allow me more time to get those rays. I take a walk in the waves too, water is warm! Well, not warm, but it doesn’t sting my feet or make them numb, as the ocean in Oregon does, most every day of the year. My feet are a ghostly white against tan legs. A true bicycle tan this trip.

Oh, another beautiful sunset! Then back at the campground I see another bicycle, Hmmm don’t I recognize those stickers… Torii! He’s just getting back on the road after a week in Simi Valley. Caught himself a cold. I haven’t gotten sick this year. Yet.

It’s good to see Torii, again notice the strange sycronicity/coincidence of running into him, at this campground, on this day. Almost a woo-woo feel to it. We share more stories from the road, talk a bit of the local politics of the nuke plant and the crazy grow economy. He’s meeting up with Matias and heading into Baja in a couple days.

As I explain my decision to head north, it feels more solid now. More right. As does my intent to head back down for a spring tour. Maybe entice some others to come with me, Oregon cyclists weary of the soggy season. Cycle Baja Spring Break! Any takers?

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