Big Sur victory ride

Day 15: Monterey to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, 32 miles

Today is the fifth time I’ve ridden since the Big Sur coast, since the beginning of the Odyssey. Those who’ve read from the beginning will recall how I arrived the first year, sick, through miles of drizzle, eventually accepting a ride from a State Trooper the final 10 miles, saving me from the windy dark wet road.

This year is different. Though there is a cool high fog, this cannot dampen my spirits. I cycle down from the park, over the Monterey Peninsula, then climb the Carmel Highlands. Closer and closer to the cherished coast, the cliffs, the bridges. The overcast skies make the crimson ice plants leap from the sandy hillsides. Deep waters contrast with turquoise shallows.

I see the hills and whoop, in victory it seems. I am strong this year, ready. I climb with purpose and a great deal of sweat. So chilling the descents, yet I am undaunted. I happen upon Dave at the River Inn, checking out his Adventure Cycling map. Then on to the camp.

More cyclists there! A man with a cat, in a box on a special Bob trailer! And Matt and Valentina, who are starting a world tour with a spin down the coast. They’ve quit their jobs, sold everything and are setting out to travel and blog about sustainability, worldwide. The campfire tonight includes are rousting discussion of universal income (yes, income), Obamacare, privacy, war, chemical agriculture vs. organic, world economy. The most political yet. Then we all agree, “Let’s go ride a bike!”

I turn in early, so I can get an early start. A short hop to Esalen, but I want to take it slow. Also, I’m meeting a new Homestead Road tenant at the Big Sur Bakery, coincidently she is traveling to Oregon from LA and just happened to be staying in Big Sur too, at the same time. Synchronicity, any one?

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