A feeding frenzy

Santa Cruz layover

Another rest day, after an overnight with Rita, a host from WarmShowers.org She was most gracious and works at a bicycle cooperative called the Bike Church.

I told her of the pelican congregation, and she said there is a large school of sardines in the Monterey Bay. Layer in Capitola I see more evidence of the bounty. Pelicans and gulls are joined by four humpback whales, sounding and breaching.

Then dolphins! So close to the shore. People rush out across the beach, and I am running too. Many dolphins, just yards away in the surf. One begins to slap its tail while swimming, perhaps to force the sardines to the surface? Kayakers are tracking the whales, so close they must be in the spray of their spouting.

I’m so glad to see this phenomenon, nature’s abundance, the cycle of life. The ocean, as it should be.

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